Hello, I am John Milkovich, but not the one from Louisiana 🙂 I live in a small town of about 15000 people outside of Columbus Ohio, and I came to the States about 10 years ago from my native country in Europe. Currently I am 54 years old and I have a great family: my wife Maria and my daughter Lara, who is a wonderful girl and a wonderful private music teacher. You can see me and my daughter pictured years ago, in 1982 when she was 1.

Though moving to a small town was not easy, we all like it and enjoy the lifestyle here. My wife is a keen animal lover so we have a small farm: two horses, a cow and a bunch of chickens, two dogs and several cats. We live on 13 acres, and that’s quite enough for all these animals to enjoy their life as well. We also have our own garden which helps us live at a lower cost. But the main thing is, certainly, our calm and relaxed family life which we all value the highest.

I earn my living from a small online business I have together with an old friend of mine. I wanted to start a blog like this long ago in order to share my experience as a healthy lifestyle enthusiast and an amateur herbal life promoter. If you are wondering about the things which can help you improve your life and make yourself happier, I believe this blog can be helpful to you! Thank you for your attention!

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