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Health Benefits Of Rose Hips

on 17/08/2010 in Uncategorized

Rose hips are dark-red strong berries, fruits of rose plants (Rosa rugosa). They have been used for many centuries for their exceptional contents of nutrients and vitamins. Studies has shown that rose hips are as rich in vitamin C as lemons and blackberries. In addition, rose hips are rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, calcium, iron, niacin, tannin, phosphorus and other important nutrients.

Health benefits of rose hips are numerous, and such products as rose hip tea, rose hips infusion or tincture can be used both internally and externally to assist us in getting rid of various sicknesses and aliments. Using hot rose hip tea can effectively ease the symptoms of cold or a flu, like coughs, running nose, headaches, fever and so on. As a very rich natural source of vitamin C, rose hips can boost the function of our immue system and lower the risks of catching many infectious diseases, and bioflavonoids can help to rejuvenate and reconstruct our body tissues.

Rose hip tea is rich in iron that works great for strengthening our cardio-vascular system and improving our blood quality. Health benefits of rose hips include therapeutic properties of this natural product to lower inflammation and speed up natural healing processes in our body this way helping our skin to heal bruises, cuts, irritations and so on. Regular consumption of rose hip tea is linked to improved function of bladder, lower risks of developing kidney stones, improved digestion and so on.

There are special health benefits of rose hip tea and capsules for women as this natural remedy can assist in calming down menstrual pains, reducing cramps and calming down the symptoms of PMS. It can be used by everyone who suffers from chronic stresses, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, chronic fatigue syndrome and other related health conditions. Remember that for some people there are side effects of using this herbal remedy like heartburn, nausea, headaches, insomnia and others. That is why it is better to consult with a doctor or health care specialist before taking a therapeutic program involving rose hips.

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Health Benefits Of Sage

on 10/08/2010 in Uncategorized

Sage is quite a common herb which is widely used for its medicinal properties and as a culinary spice. Sage is a small plant with a little sweet savory flavor, a relative of rosemary. It was popular in many ancient civilizations: in particular, in Ancient Greece eating sage was associated with becoming wiser, in Ancient […]

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Health Benefits Of Walnuts

on 28/07/2010 in Uncategorized

Walnuts are arguably the most useful type of nuts. They are delicious, nutritious and considered to be the best source of natural protein. For centuries, walnuts have been playing a role of a key ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, along with olive oil and seafood. These nuts are harvested in the late autumn or early […]

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Health Benefits Of Ginger Root

on 12/07/2010 in Uncategorized

Ginger root is one of the most useful and nutritious natural products which has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions. It was one of the key herbal remedies in Traditional Chinese medicine, and it plays a key role in Ayverdic medicine. Ginger actually originates from India and currently, India is the world’s  […]

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Health Benefits Of Garlic

on 25/06/2010 in Uncategorized

Garlic has been known for centuries as one of the most valuable natural remedies for a great variety of health conditions, which is credited to protect our heart health and ward off all possible types of colds. Throughout the world garlic is widely used in culinary as well as for keeping away vampires and evil […]


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